~ Goodnight Moon ~

Did you ever read that book (or have it read to you) when you were little? My mum read it to me every night. The copy now sits in a most prized spot on my bookshelf.

It turned me into a devout nighthawk, despite the title. As I watched the moon rise over the sprawl of Seoul last night, I couldn't help but use it as the next blog post.

All these lovely photos are from hereherehere


~ Beauty Amidst Destruction ~

It seems silly and frivolous to post pretty internet findings when so much uproar is happening with our planet and its people.

I've always seen it that way. That we humans are "its people", like we are pets of the earth.

In some ways, we are.

We rely wholly on what it can provide; and often forget that we have such a reliance. We take food, fuel and inspiration from it, often giving little back. And yet, every spring, the world blooms with fragrance and bounty. Every summer the grass grows tall, in fall we are given a grand riot of colour - our own fireworks show. Sleepy winter provides crystalline beauty amidst silent trees.

Without going into environmental politics, I will say this: our planet and its people are in turmoil.

How can I possibly post about anything else?

It is difficult to absorb all that is going on - Japan, Libya, Bahrain; and only  a few weeks ago Australia, Egypt and New Zealand. Does anyone remember Christchurch? I do.

 In the spirit of living, loving, giving and growing, I offer photos I have taken or found - so that we might send thoughts,energy, and perhaps some money in support.

Donate to the Red Cross for Earthquake and Tsunami relief  here

Donate to New Zealand Red Cross here

Donate to Libyan Red Cross here and Bahrain here UNICEF Egypt  here

This spring, I will be planting a few extra trees and tending to my garden a little more carefully.... hoping to give back my share.


~ Sparkle ~

This winter seemed particularly long and arduous. It's March 14th though; time to add a little outdoor sparkle.
Need more inspriation? Go here or here or here

How are you going to add a little glitter to your life?


~ Fairy Tale Friday ~

Alright, so I'm one of those bloggers who likes themes. We all knew it had to happen sometime. I'm sure you've seen his work around the interwebs, but if you haven't, get prepared! Eugenio Recuenco's photographs are sososo stunning. 
oh hello, beautiful room

It's annoying that I cannot get the photos to line up, and I will work on this! For now, just enjoy the general splendor!  Want more Eugenio Recuenco ?


~ Spring ~

I've  been thinking a lot recently about bringing the outside in. Once again spring is fast approaching and I've got the itch to throw open the windows and let the breeze blow! Unfortunately, it's still too cold to do that just yet. These fabulous pieces from Moda (Italy) and Squint (England) will have to tied me over.
Oh hello print mixing! The runways of 2011 in one chair. lovelovelove.
My classical "I love Martha Stewart" side positively drools over this piece, but I could see one bad situation with a cup of hot tea. Perhaps my grandmother had the right idea with those hideous plastic covers? Want more? Find it here.


Proven Fabulously Wrong

Oh Intercontinental Seoul COEX. You had me at "blue lights" - the lobby of this fantastically huge hotel creates this chic modern yet retro feel through lighting and its cool shades. many of the 'people pods' seen on left were strewn across the room. Imagine that light in your dining room?! It just screams "focus on what I'm pointing at!" lovelovelove


Hello, Seoul

I feel like Seoul is hard to envision as a modern city. Tokyo and Hong Kong come to mind as clean, glossy urban -scapes. Yet here we are, at Sunset, in the "Hollywood" of Seoul. It makes me want to make a necklace out of tiny black glass pieces.